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Why Pinnacle Rehabilitation Therapists are BETTER than traditional Physical Therapists

  • All our Physical Therapists have advanced training in the latest evidence-based techniques
  • Our Physical Therapists have Advanced degrees – many are Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Independently Owned: We work for the patient and NOT a hospital or large corporation board
  • Communication and Experience: We effectively communicate with you and your medical provider for the best possible outcome
  • Accountability: We use the state of the art, gold standard outcomes system FOTO ( to assist the therapist in determining the best treatment path to ensure the highest possible outcome
  • Owner is on site: All our facilities have an owner on site to ensure the highest clinical and customer service standards..

You Have the RIGHT Choose the Physical Therapist that YOU want

Contrary to popular belief, you have the freedom to choose your own physical therapist. Most states allow individuals to go directly to a physical therapist without obtaining a referral from a physician.

Keep in mind that your health insurance policy may require an initial visit to your primary care physician or may limit your access to their preferred list of providers only.

Seek the services of a physical therapist that can help you with your condition. Many PTs specialize in treating specific areas of the body such as the knee, back, shoulder or hand. They may even have specialty concentrations in the areas of pre- and postnatal care, stroke rehabilitation or injuries related to sports.

Some physicians refer physical therapists who work in the physician’s office or at a facility where the physician has a financial interest. You are not obligated to receive physical therapy in any specific facility and that you have the right to choose your own physical therapist. See a List of Our Partners