Atlantic Physical Therapy partner Jen Mitchell helps equestrian athletes at USEF.

Our own Jennifer Mitchell, PT was at USEF Headquarters this past week, continuing the journey of supporting Team USA and their riders. Thank you to Team USA lead Physio Andy Thomas for the invitation to this USEF Training—excited for the future!

Jen has been able to blend her passion for equestrian athletics and physical therapy. Jen was invited to the USEF Headquarters October 25-27 for the Discover Dressage USEF/USDF High Intensity Training Session. The program was established through the US Dressage Emerging Athlete Program and aims to bring rising talent excelling in the discipline of dressage into the High performance fold through educational seminars focused training sessions.

Jen was able to work with elite athletes from all over the country. She participated in sessions essential to the high performance of the sport including physical therapy, mechanics, feedback, sports psychology, and veterinary medicine. Jen also works with local equestrian athletes from all over New England. She spends most of her free time at the barn assessing and working with athletes to help them achieve their goals.