We partner with highly skilled professionals infected with the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to own their own business. In addition to access to the start-up capital, we contribute to the success by providing real support and advice through the phases of your business cycle. We do that by providing our skills and resources in the following areas:

  • Start-up planning
  • Competitive equipment purchases
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Financial management and best practices
  • Billing expertise and compliance
  • Human Resource assistance
  • Access to competitive benefits – health, pension, disability, etc
  • Sales and marketing

All the decisions are in your hands, we give you our years of excellence and experience in starting a successful, community based Private Physical Therapy practice.


PRN encourages a focus on training that supports Evidence Based Practices and clinical outcomes. Pinnacle partners and staff are encouraged and supported to attend continuing education courses throughout the country to develop their clinical skills and expertise. Additionally PRN partners and staff create and participate in regularly scheduled online education classes to investigate a topic pertinent to the field, our businesses or our patients. These programs are lead by a PRN partners and staff, as well as outside clinical experts. Many PRN partners and staff are proud members of the orthopedic section and private practice section of the American Physical Therapy Association.