Pinnacle Opens New Facility In Quincy MA

Pinnacle is proud to announce the opening of their new facility in Quincy Massachusetts. Sam Frommelt DPT will head the new team at Quincy Physical Therapy. Sam brings highly sought after skills to the area. In addition to a primary active approach to recovery, Sam adds advanced services like, vestibular rehabilitation,  instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, blood flow restriction training, and spinal manipulative therapy.  These skills allow Quincy Physical Therapy to treat a wide variety of  musculoskeletal injuries from acute back pain and cervicogenic headaches to complex post surgical recovery. The new facility is outfitted with the latest functional exercise and recovery equipment including an Olympic lifting station, kettlebell station, and Game Ready recovery devices. When asked to describe the concept of the facility Sam describes is as a place where you can get it all. ” We have the equipment and expertise to cater to everyone from the high level Crossfit athlete to the person with gait and balance issues. I wanted to build a facility that incorporated all the best techniques ranging from specific exercise to joint and soft tissue management. Many of my patients love that they can get all these services with one provider rather than having to visiting to 2 or 3 providers. We are also building relationships with a vast network of the best medical providers in the area. This collaboration will ensure our patients to have quick access to specialists when needed. Collaboration is the key to getting people to the right provider at the right time.” More information on Quincy Physical Therapy can be found on their web site