PRN Hosts Spinal Manipulation Course at Somersworth PT Location

The Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network is proud to have hosted the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy this past weekend for Spinal Manipulative Therapy Level 1.

AAMT is considered the leader in Spinal Manipulation and Dry Needling education and they were selected to assist us in taking our therapist skill-sets to the next level. We have two Physical Therapists ( Dan Fleury and Phil Denema) that have earned the Osteopractor and Fellowship ( FAAOMPT) status with AAMT. We also have several more therapists well on their way to achieving their Osteopractor status.

A number of Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network Physical Therapists and sites were in attendance this past weekend including our new grads! AAMT will return soon for several other courses including multiple advanced spinal manipulation courses and dry needling level 1 and 2.


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