Younes and Destefano are Pinnacle’s Newest Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists

We are excited to announce the addition of two more APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists. We are very proud of Cecile Younes of Portsmouth Physical Therapy in Portsmouth, NH , and Andrew Destefano of Blue Hills Braintree office for achieving this professional milestone. We congratulate them, and thank them for being part of Pinnacle’s mission of clinical excellence.

The American Physical Therapy Association states ” Orthopedic specialization within the physical therapy profession refers to the prevention of disability and the physical rehabilitation of persons with disability resulting from dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and its related neurovascular components. The practice concentrates both on actual and potential dysfunction of physical capacity and movement. The orthopedic clinical specialist uses advanced techniques and methods to assist the patient toward optimal function through corrective, adaptive, and prophylactic management of the neuromusculoskeletal system.”